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  • Candidate must possess at least Vocational Diploma/Short Course Certificate/ Bachelors/ College Degree in Automotive, Engineering (Mechanical) or equivalent

  • At least 2 years working experience in the related field is required for this position

  • With Toyota experience is an advantage


Job Description

Minimum Qualifications

The Technician is responsible for carrying out of the servicing requirements. The following are the general functions and responsibilities:

a) Follow and abide by the supervision and instructions of his foreman,

b) Finishes work within flat rate time, and in case of delay, informs his foreman,

c) Consults foreman on any existing problem and in case of discovery of additional work, contacts foreman for instruction,

d) Responsible for the maintenance of tools and cleanliness of workplace and,

e) Keep himself updated with Service Bulletins.

Functional Description of Position Responsibility:

a) Do the job right the first time

b) Use all protective equipment to maintain the cleanliness of the customers vehicle (Seat Covers, Floor Mats, Fender Covers)

c) Maintain an adequate inventory of technicians’ hand tools to meet the service and repair requirements

d) Ensure all customers’ requests on the repair order are completed to a high-quality standard

e) Strive to complete all repair orders within the time allotted

f) Identify and advise the foreman of any additional repair items found

g) Carry out final inspection of all work completed and endorse the Final inspection Mirror Hanger

h) Clock-on to personal time card upon arrival and off upon departure

i) Maintain accurate clocking practices by clocking on and off every repair order

j) Treat customers vehicles and belongings with care

k) Transcribe clear accurate account of all work complete onto the repair order

l) Maintain a clean and professional appearance at all times

m) Keep work area clean and tidy at all times

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