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  • Preferably with a relevant college degree

  • With excellent written and oral communication skills

  • With excellent customer service skills

  • Computer Literate

  • Customer service experience from reputable car dealership is an advantage


Job Description

Minimum Qualifications

  • It is primarily responsible in handling direct customer contact (inquiries/ concerns). Its office should be the central depository unit of all customer- related concerns. Administratively, the CRA should the involved in the customer concern process from receipt to resolution. It receives, analyzes, mediates, follows up, records and monitors a particular concern from start to its final resolution.


  • Handles customer contact (inquiry or concern) directly from customers through the telephone, letters, personal visits, website, or survey.

  • Motivates the dealership for its active involvement in the attainment of greater customer satisfaction through several CS activities.

  • Gathers, analyzes and reports customer feedback (Voice of the Customer) to all departments concerned (Sales, P&S, F&A). Communicates the same to the distributor through their Customer Service Section.

  • Acts as the direct link or facilitator between Toyota and the customer.


  • Administer the overall operations of the Customer Relations Office in accordance with established systems and procedures.

  • Responsible in analyzing, monitoring and disposing customer concerns governing all concerned departments and reporting the results of the same to both, TMP and dealer management.

  • Acts as a direct link or facilitator between Toyota and Customer.

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